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Hey, I'm Cerissa Rhodes, licensed therapist turned
Clini-Coach®. I help mamas learn how to support their kiddos in treating their anxiety, OCD & BIG feelings.
I've even got a video to help YOU.

I'm Cerissa Rhodes and I offer parent coaching to mamas of kiddos with anxiety and OCD. I coach mamas in supporting their kids in a way that effectively decreases their distress, worry and meltdowns.

When mamas come to me, they're usually feeling...​


Parenting a child with anxiety and OCD can make the simplest of activities overwhelming. Activities such as school drop off, play dates, getting dressed, etc can lead to refusals, compulsions, meltdowns and tears.


Mamas often describe switching between being frustrated with

their child's anxiety and OCD to being frustrated with themselves for losing their patience when their child meltdowns, refuses to comply or can't complete easy tasks.


So many mamas share they are lost. Mamas struggle to know when to push, when to accommodate. Struggle to know how to support their child in a way that doesn't encourage the anxiety or OCD.

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That's where I come in.

All mamas want to know they are supporting

their children in the best way possible. By sharing the knowledge I have in treating anxiety & OCD, I can teach you how to effectively support your kiddo in treating their anxiety, OCD & BIG feelings. 


What if you knew exactly how to respond to your kiddo's anxiety and OCD right now?
I am trained in providing effective treatment for anxiety & OCD.
I want to share this knowledge with you!


Confident in understanding your child's anxiety, OCD and behavior. Confident in knowing how to respond. Imagine having a plan for managing the refusals, demands for reassurance and the meltdowns.


The ability to support your child in managing their symptoms in a way that no longer encourages the anxiety or OCD. Knowing how to validate and support without accommodating in way that feeds the anxiety or OCD.  

Knowledge that you are supporting your child in decreasing their anxiety and OCD effectively. 

Imagine no longer feeling lost trying to decipher if its anxiety, OCD or typical behavior. No longer struggling to know if this is a time to push or accommodate. Imagine knowing how to respond to your child's anxiety or OCD regardless of the situation. 

That's what I help mamas achieve!

Meet Your New Parent Coach

Hi, I'm Cerissa Rhodes, Clini-Coach®

I am a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with people of all ages seeking treatment for anxiety and OCD. I am using these skills to offer parent coaching to mamas of kiddos with anxiety, worry, OCD & BIG feelings.

Most importantly, I am a mama! A mama of a 9-year-old neuro-diverse son with separation and generalized anxiety. 

What all this means is, I have that education, the training and the REAL LIFE experience to help you manage your child's worries, anxieties, and big feelings with confidence.

I made ALL the mistakes when my son was younger. I had all the book smarts and training with none of the life experience. I was doing it all wrong. In fact, most of what I was doing was actually ENCOURAGING the anxiety.

  • I'm a Mama

Not just any mama, but a mama of a kiddo with anxiety and I made ALL the mistakes! I fed the anxiety like it was a starving kitten. 🤦‍♀️

  • I get exhausted & overwhelmed 

I am a real person, with real quirks and sometimes I even make mistakes (please, don't tell my husband). I find parenting alone to be exhausting & overwhelming and I lean on my village like every other mama!

  • I make mistakes

I want you to learn from MY mistakes and prevent you from the heart ache, isolation and loneliness I experienced when we were in the "thick of it."


All parent coaching with me begins with a free consult!

This way you can ask me all your questions

and we can get to know one another a bit. 

Book your slot below.

My Clients Say

"We were spending significant amounts of time trying to cater our lifes to her (9 year old daughters) feelings and emotions.
With help from Cerissa I was able to teach her simple techniques that she can understand on her level to help keep her grounded and shift her mood...
my time with Cerissa was life changing for the better and I would recommend it to anyone. "- Ashley Ferrel
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