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Is your kid's anxiety running your life?

Updated: Jan 9

Do you find yourself turning down invites to social events because your little one gets anxious? Avoiding plans after work because you know your little one will panic if you come home late? Is your kid's anxiety running your life?

What if I told you, that by actually making the plans you are supporting your little one in lowering their fear AND by avoiding the plans you are reassuring your little one that they are right and it's "too scary." You read that right!

By making plans to go to the bbq with lots of people that make your little one anxious and deciding that you will go and enjoy yourself, you are showing your little one it is safe. However, if you turn the invite down you are sending the message that your little one is right "too many people are scary and we should not go."

You can't control your little one's fear or reaction to the BBQ, BUT you can control your response and send the message that even though your little one is scared, you are not.

Mama, holding and supporting kiddo.
Make the plans and show your kiddo they are more capable than they know.

This is true in so many scenarios! Often we "accommodate" our kid's anxiety and fears, by avoiding situations that cause anxiety. However, in doing so we are sending the message that what they fear is dangerous and should be avoided.

If you find yourself constantly making plans based on your little one's fear, contact me today to create a plan to stop! Start living the life you want while reducing your kiddo's fear!

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